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        SY-6215-A1 Double-roll mill/electric heating/Instrument control type

        SY-6215-A1 Double-roll mill/electric heating/Instrument control type
        • Principle of product use
        • Product parameters
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        This experimental mill can be applied to the mixing and scattering of engineering plastic raw materials, color masterbatch material and other polymers. The double roll mirror surfaces of this machine are plated by chrome. It adopts special mold for electric heating to make the temperature of roller surface uniform. Roller space can reconcile three-dimensional security devices, safe and reliable, advanced and practical.
        Typical Application 
        <Material mixing, color trying and performing 
        <Color matching test 
        <Hardness test 
        <Stabilizer test 
        <Physical test 
        <Chemical test 
        <All kinds of special ingredients 
        <Small production operations


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