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        SY-6216-B Laboratory single screw extruder/PLC controller type

        SY-6216-B Laboratory single screw extruder/PLC controller type
        • Principle of product use
        • Product parameters
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        This machine can be applied to the mixing, plasticizing and extrusion of engineering plastics, modified plastics, masterbatch and other high polymers with the features of uniformly dispersed, plastics coloring and filling to modify. It can be used in laboratory tests, quality control, teaching research and small-scale production.
        Typical Application 
        <Surface appearance/determination of real viscosity curve 
        <Research on extrusion expansion behavior 
        <R&D of new products and new formulations

        <Small-scale production of small pipes, sections, film or sheet 
        <Process optimization <Production quality control 


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